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From Coal Miner to Author
West Yorkshire native re-discovers his roots in the former Yugoslavia
Born into the coal-mining industry, Andy Evans spent his childhood dreaming of another place, one not blackened by industry, but green and pure, the land his grandfather, Maksim Culumovic, had once called home.
Maksim was a ‘Displaced Person’. Originally from the former Yugoslavia, he had left his country of birth during the bitter fighting of World War II, where, in 1941, he had survived a brutal attack on his village that had left his neighbours, friends and the majority of his family ruthlessly slaughtered. The once peaceful community he had fought so hard to protect was destroyed in one single despicable act.
Following the horror of that day, he had left what remained of his family, including his older brother, Ostoja, his friends and everything he had ever known and after time spent in resettlement camps in Germany and Italy, Featherstone became his new home.

Like most of West Yorkshire, Wakefield, Huddersfield and Halifax had become home to ‘alien’ communities, encouraged over by a western power that had suffered heavy casualties in the war and needed a new workforce to run the heavy industry at home.
For the next 40 years, Maksim worked hard and built himself a new life, far away from the one he had started with. The shadow of his past hung over him, but he remained silent on the subject.
When he died in 1988 aged 79, it was his grandson, Andy, who set out to find the past, so well hidden to both family and friends that it would take a twenty-year search to uncover the truth.
Displaced is a joint work between Andy, and his Bosnian cousin Vesna Kovac, granddaughter of Ostoja, bought together finally to show both sides of this emotional story. The hardships of the coalmine and a heartbroken grandchild are bought into sharp contrast with a young woman’s trials in a post-Yugoslav civil war that would once again scar the landscape of what is now Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia.
Their stories combine to create an enthralling text and finally answer the question that Andy, now 45, has spent the last twenty years trying to discover.
Who was Maksim?

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Warning – Contains adult themes

Bogdan is a simple man whose essence is enveloped within the love of his family. A simple but happy man whose life is shattered and forever changed in one horrifying night of murder and brutality he will carry with him for the rest of his days. Age old scars of indifference and hatred are opened yet again with the violent act of Nazi occupation of Yugoslavia. These deep divisions will find Bogdan plunged into a life of never ending bitterness and a deep rooted desire to seek out revenge and retribution against the neighbours who have soaked the mountain landscapes with blood and loathing. Family man to fighting man, Bogdan will now take the fight to the very epicentre of man’s inhumanity to his fellow man. A new band of brothers set out to embark on a journey which will inevitably lead them to a horrifying crossroad of despair and never ending sacrifice. For King and Fatherland, Freedom or Death will herald a dawn of no return of what they always loved and lost.

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